Cardio VS. Weights: Which is better for fat loss?

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When starting a health and fitness journey, you may be faced with the question: “What’s better for weight loss—cardio or weight training?”

Spoiler: The answer is going to depend on your personal health goals, and ultimately what kind of exercise you like and are willing to do consistently.

But with headlines making claims like “Aerobic Exercise Trumps Resistance Training for Weight and Fat Loss,” sparking debate and outrage—it’s easy to confuse and skew the true data.

The good news: Once you put on your detective hat and look at the research a little deeper, you’ll see that (like so many articles on the internet) this is an oversimplified view of the “cardio vs. weights debate.”
In this video, PN science advisor Helen Kollias, PhD breaks down the research on exercise and weight loss. You’ll learn:
The benefits of cardio exercise

The benefits of weight training

Which goals each form of exercise supports

Caveats associated with “weight loss”

The important role nutrition plays in the bigger picture of fat loss

To read Dr. Kollias’s full deep dive into the cardio and weight debate, click here:

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