Running or Jogging for Weight loss | How much in a day | Technique, Posture, Calorie Burn, Routine

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How to Run for Weight Loss

Running or jogging both are excellent and intense form of cardiovascular exercise. They are linked with many health benefits including weight loss. This video explains how running can help you lose weight, the right posture, technique for running/ jogging. How to select right running shoes and how much you should run in a day.

Topics covered in this video on Running / Jogging for Weight Loss:-

How much to Run in a day – 00:52
Benefits of running / Jogging – 00:18
Types of Running & Jogging- 01:30
How many calories you burn – 02:30
Running tips for beginners-02:55
Technique of running ( posture, landing, breathing) – 04:28
Jogging on treadmill or Outside – 06:38
Shoes for running – 07:35
One week workout plan for Running – 08:00

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